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"Service Management in the Public Cloud: Sourcing within the Digital Transformation"

Download this White Paper, written by a Senior Analyst at Crisp Research, as it provides you with valuable information on:

  • IT service management as part of the public cloud strategy.
  • ITSM processes in the public cloud.
  • Best practice: Five key questions from the CIO to the cloud provider.

Using dynamic infrastructures makes it possible to respond proactively to the changing market conditions from a technical perspective. This is why the rise of the public cloud will keep on gaining momentum in the years ahead. However, it is getting harder for IT organizations to maintain a complete overview and act as a supervisory body for the "black box" public cloud.

With holistically implemented IT service management, companies that use cloud services can measure the cloud provider's performance and stay in control. The new strategy paper highlights the cloud user’s responsibilities in the context of the helpful shared responsibility model and what measures can be put in place to monitor the cloud provider.

Download this White Paper now and find out about the changes in the cloud market and in decision-making patterns. René Buest explains how you can respond to the changed requirements and move away from your capital-intensive business with public cloud infrastructures, enabling you to structure your pricing and sales models more flexibly. Regain control over your entire IT infrastructure, using ITSM and ITIL.